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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are together

Ever since the new and streamy music video, Senorita came into being, and rumors began accumulating concerning Camila and Shawn. Soon after the video came into being, the fans gave the couple a name, Sharmila. It sounds more like an Indian name, but the new couple deserves a name, nevertheless.

Right after the video of Senorita began to stream over the internet, Camila and Shawn started to get close. Camila has recently broken up with her boyfriend Mathew Hussey and dating for more than a year. After some time, the fans began to feel that the singers are having a few feelings for each other.

Shawn and Camila were spotted getting cozy multiple times

Some of the credible reports and fan citings suggest that Camila and Shawn are comfortable with each other. The reports which came a couple of weeks ago said that Shawn and Camila were walking in the street and holding each other’s hands. In addition to that, Shawn and Camila were also seen kissing each other in public places.

Truth is both the singers are incredibly fond of each other as they post several photos of each other on social media. Back in December 2015, the duo did perform on KISS FM’s Jingle Ball show. The fans got startled by their chemistry on the stage. Eventually, Mendes and Cabello even won iHeartRadio Much Music Awards.

Singing and Songs brought them together

Before 2019 Grammys, Cabello did share a few photos of her and Shawn. In that picture, Cabello said that she is very proud of the man Shawn Mendes has become. In the heart of San Francisco, numerous amounts of cameras did record and click the public make-outs by both Shawn and Camila.

One of the sources close to the singers told that they are looking like couples. During their public getaways, Shawn and Camila can’t even keep their hands to themselves.

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