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Call of Duty: Warzone, What are patch notes and updates in the game

Call of Duty warzone updates

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games to come out this year. The game easily surpassed over 60 million downloads within the first two months of its release. The game was published by Activision. They are also responsible for games like Destiny and Prototype. Despite only coming out on March 10th 2020, the game became an instant hit. Further, it won the hearts of several prominent YouTubers and gamers. 

The ratings for the Call of Duty do not do it justice with Metacritic rating the game at a 79/100. Some say that score may have been influenced by the initial glitches and errors that the game had in its initial stages. GameSpot and IGN also rated the game at a 7/10.

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What to expect from Call of Duty?

The recent release of Warzone season 5 on August 25, brought in several new features including new multiplayer maps. The game keeps getting better and fixing issues by closely listening to their users which makes the game even better.

With creative and exciting new features like a 150 and 200 player battle royal, it’s no surprise how the game rose to the top. Killstreaks like the UAV and precision airstrikes make the game more competitive as well. Several high-profile tournaments have also already been conducted with huge rewards. The most recent tournament saw two titans in the Warzone community Atlanta Faze and the Dallas Empire facing off in an intense battle. Another interesting addition to the game is the gulag, this is where players are sent after they die in the game for a chance at getting back into the game. 

Updates in the game

Call of Duty is constantly evolving and bringing its users updates. In the last update, we saw several changes in the game from the maps to the guns. The last update also saw the new Double Down mode which is an improved version of the Search and Destroys. The game tends to add significant changes to the game to keep the concept fresh and unique. Some unexpected features included a moving train in the game as well as better access to the stadium on the map. All these changes have come with the first 7 months of the release of the game which shows the developers drive to keep the game alive and fresh.

Parental controls

The game is rated as a PEGI 18 for the violence. The players battle in a player vs player mode to kill all the other players in their lobby to win the game. This translates to a lot of violence and merciless killing. There is also an in-game voice chat that could have some vile language.

Subscription and Privacy policy

The game is free to play. The game has some steep system requirements and is a very large file but it is totally worth it if you have the necessary specifications. There is an in-game store where purchases are made using real money though. Activision takes privacy very seriously and mainly collects only user habits to improve the gaming experience. The website only makes use of the IP address and the type of browser which does not give any personal details or identification away.

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