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Call of Duty : Check out the highlights of season 6 for an easy play!


Call of Duty has recently launched its new and final installment “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. According to the reports, this will be the last version of Verdansk before the release of “Black Ops”. However, ever since it’s release, COD has been bringing new features and updates in the game. So if you are looking for a better experience, this article will be helpful for you. Let’s get started!

AS VAL and SP-R 208 Guns

Source: Gfinity Esports

AS VAL and SP-R 208 guns are the latest additions in the armory, updated on Tuesday. Moreover, the AS VAL has been reported to be the deadliest assault rifle in the game. The gun is capable to quickly kill the enemies, who are fully armored. On the other hand, the SP-R 208 is reviewed to need more “punch” to compete with the best rifles. Certainly, these two guns are ranked among the ‘Quickest to Kill’ weapons. Precisely, the AS VAL takes 0.69 seconds to kill; and the SP-R 208 takes 1.96 seconds on average. This update is the one that players are highly excited about.

The Haunting of Verdansk

Gfinity Esports

The next thing that you should look out for, is the zombie addition. Based on the trailer, the game has certainly been suspected to have zombies in it. With the Halloween month, the game is clearly going to have a Halloween event. Hence, The Haunting of Verdansk is going to be the focal point of the new season. However, there is no official word on it, but this is what most likely is to happen. Luckily, the players might get to play and fight the zombies in the new season.

Foresight killstreak

One of the newly added powerful items in COD Warzone is Foresight killstreak. As the name suggests, it gives you the foresight withing your current Warzone match. In other words, you will be able to see the placement of every single circle in the match. They are displayed on the map and gives foresight into how a match will play out. Moreover, you can equip it in a loadout. However, it is pretty hard to find hence it has flown under the radar. Despite, the Foresight killstreak could become the most powerful in Season 6 of Warzone.

Zordaya Prison Complex: Best Landing Spot

Zordaya Prison Complex
Source: Activision

Even though the Warzone is huge, still there is one safe spot that you should prefer for a safe landing. Certainly, the best landing spot in Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 is Zordaya Prison Complex. It is considered to be the safest spot in all of COD: Warzone. The prison is situated is far away therefore players avoid it. It is located in the southeast corner of Verdansk. Most importantly, the entire Prison Complex is filled with incredible tools to start. Doesn’t matter if you play solo or in a team, this place will make an easy rotation towards the circle. It’ll be easier for you to take down the enemies near Downtown or the Stadium.

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