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Brooklyn nine-nine season 8 release date, plot, cast and trailer

Brooklyn nine-nine season 8 release date, plot, cast and trailer

Nowadays, you will not find many comedy series which develops a sense of thrill and mystery among the viewers. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is surely an exception, and fans love this comic-thriller series from its very first episode. This comic show is available on the NBC network, and its fan base is drastically increasing with every passing season. The show is receiving appreciation from all around the world for the tragic manner in which they solve crime cases. Further, the comic-thriller series also attracts good reviews from various critics and audience from all age groups. 

The show revolves around an NYPD officer, Jake Peralta, who assists his boss, Captain Raymond Holt, in various cases. Andy Samberg plays the role of Jake Peralta, and Andre Braugher plays the role of Captain Raymond Holt. 

From the last six years of its launch, the series is enjoying tremendous success. And, the upcoming Brooklyn nine-nine season 8 also promises to move along the same line of success. Further, Brooklyn Nine-nine has also been acknowledged with a Golden Globe award, along with two Emmy awards. You will be able to watch Brooklyn nine-nine season 8 every Thursday on NBC channel of your television sets. Further, you can watch it on various streaming platforms like Netflix, as well. 

Here are all the relevant details regarding cast, release date, trailer and plot of Brooklyn nine-nine season 8:

The cast of Brooklyn nine-nine season 8

Dirk Blocker as Michael Hitchcock

Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, 

Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago

Andre Braugher as Raymond Holt, 

Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords

Joel McKinnon as Norm Scully.

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta

Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle

The release date of Brooklyn nine-nine season 8

There is no confirmation regarding the release date of the eighth season yet. But, there is an announcement from the creators that the seventh season isn’t the last part of this comedy thriller. And, according to sources, the season will release after a year from now. It’s because of the delay in the release of the seventh season. Further, the creators announce that the shooting is going to start soon for the eighth season. 

The plot of Brooklyn nine-nine season 8  

In the eighth season, you get to see that Jake finds himself in trouble while going after Holt. It’s because Holt escapes from his downgrade and tries to return to his post. Subsequently, the escape of Hold might make Jake lose his job. Further, Jake gets in an awkward situation when he gets to know that Amy is expecting a baby with him. And, then the story unravels in suspense that how Jake manages to balance his blossoming personal life with Amy’s pregnancy, along with his tough cop job. 

The trailer of Brooklyn nine-nine season 8

The fans have to wait for a while for the trailer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8. It’s because the seventh season is going to end on April 23, 2020. Here, you can enjoy the trailer of the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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