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Breaking Bad Season 6, Why There Will Never be a Season 6?

AMC's Breakin Bad

Breaking Bad Season 6: AMC’s Breaking Bad was the pinnacle of TV shows during its five-season run between 2008 and 2013. It even overtook Game of Thrones to be the highest-rated TV show that is not a documentary, an astounding feat in itself. The show has a plethora of awards to its name, and with good reason. The way the show portrayed its different characters and their respective character arcs left fans gripped to their seats as they waited for the climax. The show was so good that even now, seven years after the final season aired, the show is still referenced as a comparison to other shows. 

Breaking Bad is as close to being perfect as a TV show can be. Fans will be hungry for new episodes. Read on to find out if there’s any hope for a new installation to the franchise.

Breaking Bad’s Spin-offs

Breaking Bad ended with the demise of its lead character, Heisenberg, and frankly, it wouldn’t be a plausible idea to continue the show without him. Instead of renewing the show for a sixth season, the studio gave us two spin-offs. The first a TV series called Better Call Saul, and the second a movie El Camino, which came years later.

Better Call Saul serves as both a prequel and a sequel to Breaking Bad at the same time. The show follows the life of lawyer Saul Goodman both before he moved to Albuquerque and after he moved out following Heisenberg’s death. Each episode starts with Goodman’s current whereabouts before cutting back to his life as James McGill. The show is not as violent and fast-paced as Breaking Bad but instead dives deeper into the lives of the characters from Breaking Bad who were into the drug business way before Walter White came into the scene. Names such as Mike, Gus Fring, Tuco, Krazy 8, and Goodman himself all play a significant role. The show follows Goodman’s transition from an honest and hardworking lawyer to the messiah for criminals being prosecuted that we know and love today. Better Call Saul has five seasons to its name so far, and season 6 is currently underway. It has an IMDB rating of 8.7, which is quite impressive considering it is a spin-off and is rated higher than most popular TV shows.

Six years after Breaking Bad’s season 5 aired, fans were treated to El Camino. Another Breaking Bad spin-off, this time following the life of Jesse Pinkman after the events of Breaking Bad. It was the sequel we had all been waiting for. The sole purpose of the two-hour-long movie was to conclude Jesse Pinkaman’s story as he flees Albuquerque with half the state’s cops looking for him. The film doesn’t have many action sequences or tense moments; it merely shows you how Jesse escapes and where he escapes to, with the help of his friends. It is subtle and sublime and puts the story of Breaking Bad to rest in the best way possible.

Will there be a Breaking Bad Season 6?

Breaking Bad came to an end with the death of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White. And with El Camino putting the final nail in the coffin and show makers now focussed on Better Call Saul instead, there does not seem to be any logical explanation or a need for a sixth season of Breaking Bad, aside from fan demand. Furthermore, with crucial characters such as Heisenberg, Hank, Mike, and Gus Fring deceased and Saul Goodman and Jesse Pinkman settled elsewhere, there isn’t even any plot material left for a new season. In short, Breaking Bad season 6 is but a pipe dream.

Breaking Bad Cast

  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White
  • Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
  • Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman
  • Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo Fring
  • RJ Mitte as Walter Jr.
  • Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader


Where to Stream

Stream Breaking Bad on Netflix or catch it on television on AMC’s channel.


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