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Brandon Routh Recalls The Painful Death Of His Superman Returns Film

Superman Return

Brandon James Routh – an American movie and TV actor. He played the titular superhero of the movie Superman Returns, in 2006. In 2011, he performed the titular character of the movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Also, he had a recurring character in the NBC series Chuck, as Daniel Shaw.

Brandon has said he was told that he had a physical likeness to Christopher Reeve, who had earlier portrayed Superman in a movie series. His previous manager signed him on due to the resemblance, telling him that he thought Brandon would be cast as Superman if there were another movie in the series.

Some of Brandon Routh ‘s Movies:

When Routh signed on to play one of the most well-known characters of all time, he apparently knew he would be in for a wild ride. But unfortunately, he could not have foretold the anticlimactic run he would experience following the announcement of Superman Returns or how stressful it would be to wait for a series that would never come.

Brandon played Clark Kent in 2006’s Superman Returns a movie that seemed doomed to kickstart a 21st Century privilege for the iconic DC Comics hero. Despite several positive reviews and fan responses and a strong performance at the box office, an inevitable sequence never panned out.

The actor’s distress over not being able to reprise the character on the big screen is expected. Though, it was not the end of his career as a DC Comics superhero. In 2014, he started an extensive stint playing Ray Palmer, also-known-as The Atom, in The CW’s Arrow-verse television series. Guest appearances on Arrow and The Flash directed to a role in Legends of Tomorrow in 2016.

Even though he was certainly able to don Clark Kent’s super suit one final time, it seems like Brandon has once again found himself at a career center that he was not specifically planning on.

The previous year, news broke that the fifth season of Legends of Tomorrow would be the final to feature Ray Palmer, and, therefore, Brandon Routh. In his discussion with Michael Rosenbaum, the star stated that he felt the show did not handle his departure well. He will hang up his suit again for now when his last episode of Legends of Tomorrow airs on the 17th of March. Henry portrayed the character of Geralt of Riveria in Netflix’s original series in 2018 The Witcher, which was a grand hit globally. He recently starred as Sherlock Holmes in a Netflix original movie named, Enola Holmes which received many praises for his performance.

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