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Brace Yourself! Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle To Receive Another Episode

It seems like there is going to a reunion with the cast of Too Hot To Handle.

Netflix truly has been delivering one major hit after another. It is being suggested that the online-streaming platform is really receiving massive audience support with every original series that they launch. The main brains behind this platform have managed to unlock the ability to identify whether or not there is talent in a given project. Many of their recent projects namely, ‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘Tiger King’ has received a lot of positive reviews. In the similar line is Too Hot To Handle. Regardless of what a pathetic concept it is based on, the viewers are still enjoying the show.


As can be recalled, the last few episodes of Too Hot To Handle have been quite intense. However, they have had to come to an end as well. In a recent turn of events, it seems like Netflix has officially hinted towards yet another episode of this materialistic tv series. We are not sure what this will entail, however; sources claim that this will majorly surrounding the reunion of the cast members. It is obvious that fans will be eager to find out about what their favourite stars from the series are up to a year since the program was shot and we are hoping that the last episode will cover just that aspect. These hot singles will be talking about what they have been up to since the show got over. The episode is expected to release this Friday, May 8 2020.

The only confirmed guests of the upcoming episode are the trouble-makers, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago. The two have been drawn to each other, ever since they have laid eyes on each other. They were also among the first members to proceed to sexual activities with each other as well as the other contestants. They have been among the only two members who have been yearning towards sexual activities all throughout the season. One of the main reasons why they lost money from the grand price of $100,000 are these two individuals. The fact that the two of them were together also ended up making the contestants feel quite jealous. They had been the subject of speculation almost all of the first season. Every single member back-stabbed them and yet, they have still emerged to be a couple. A year since the show got over, they are still together. They truly love each other. This is so awesome!

According to what Netflix has officially stated, Too Hot To Handle reunion will not be able to feature any fresh updates with the upcoming episode. The contestants will be showcased and they will be speaking about what they have been up to. The main contestants who are confirmed as of now are Rhonda, Harry and Francesca. However, we are awaiting further updates. Anywho, the episode will be releasing soon any way.

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