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Boy George net worth : overview, Early life and lot more

Boy George

Boy George Net worth

Reportedly, Boy George has a net worth of $25m as in 2020. In 2009, George has been imprisoned for 15 months after wrongfully alleging a Norwegian model in his flat, handcuffing him to a wall and beating him. He made a majestic comeback on 2016 as a judge on the Voice UK. He, then, appeared in several other shows. The culture club, finally, got back together and they started recording again.

Boy Goerge overview

Boy George is a 56- year old pop provocateur. He was born in June 1961 in Eltham, London. His original name is George O’ Dowd. his life has been composed of all fame, fashion, and love affairs. There are charges of drug addiction against him as well.

He is all widely known for his outrageous and androgynous dressing sense. He was reportedly inspired by the new romantic movement in the early 1980s. His band culture has fetched him golden his like Karma Chamelon, Do you really want to hurt Me?

Early life

His Irish parents disapproved due to his feminine behaviour. At an early age, George left home to put up with a man named Marilyn Monroe. Thereafter, Boy George has to work in the cloakroom of a trending club called Biltz. The turning point in his life arrived when he met the famous drummer Jon Moss, who eventually became the drummer of the culture club and his lover. George has a long list of lovers. Amongst them, Punk rock singer has been the most notable one. He subsequently took hi, to court for writing about their affair in a book.

Legal Update on Boy George

Boy George has been alleged on several occasions for possession of heroin and marijuana. The incident also led him to cause his brother to come over Tv as a cry asking helping for George on account of his arrest in 1986.

Over the next 30 years, he remained sober. In 2012, he declared that his practice of Nichiren Buddhism and Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo was a great mental help during his times of despair. Those religious teachings helped him keep sober and decent.

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