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Bored at Home? Chilling with Netflix? But, what to watch?

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The world is locked down. Amidst these hard times, people are trying hard to cope up with anxiety and depression, it is important to keep oneself engaged and entertained. How to do that? Well, the easiest answer is Netflix! We, therefore, bring to you the latest and trending movies up on Netflix.

We will begin with the thriller section. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark; The Signal; The Invitation: death note are a few of the most commendable movies to binge-watch during this lockdown.

If you are a family man and loves to binge-watch with your family, we have got you covered too. Here are some recommendations for comedy genres: The Addams Family directed by Barry Sonnenfeld; Coneheads directed by Steve Barron; Pineapple Express under the direction of David Gordon Green are some of the top-rated comedy shows in 2020. Mr. Deeds created by Steven Brill, and oceans 112  are equally good choices to pick and watch.

Well, if you have got strong nerves, and loves horror fiction; we have something in stores for you as well. Some of the most widely watched haunted movies include  The Baby Sitter directed by Mcg; It Comes At Night directed by Trey Edwards Shults; Malevolent; The Evil Dead; In the Tall Grass; Would You Rather; and The Blackcoat’s Daughter. With the advent of Halloween, Netflix has filled up its inventory of the Horror series. Some of the remarkable ones are  The Haunting Of Boy Manor; American Murder: The Family Next Door; Fantasy Island. Each one of them is a worth-watch as per the reviews.

Last but not the least, we have sections for our love birds.  To name a few, Moonlight; To All The Boys I Have Loved Before and it’s sequel ‘To All The Boys I have Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love you. ; Pride and Prejudice by Joe wright; Set Up directed by Anne Flecher are some of the shows you will never regret watching. Netflix, in fact, holds a good collection of romantic movies which are always an obvious watch always.

 Stay happy, stay motivated with these brilliant movie recommendations. Log on to our Tecake for further updates.

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