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BoJack Horsemen Season 7: Will It Ever Happen?

We have a lot of unanswered questions about BoJack Horsemen Season 7.

It was earlier this year that one of the greatest shows in the history of television shows, BoJack Horsemen came to an end with its sixth season. After delivering six successful seasons, there was no word from the side of production regarding their plans on continuing. The show ended on what seemed like a familiar note, as far as the theme of the show is concerned. We were able to see how BoJack, the character played by Will Arnett along with Diane – the character played by Alison Brie, were sitting on top of a roof and having a conversation that started on a humorous tone but ended up taking quite a profound turn. The scene ended on a rather awkward note wherein both of them were silent, giving little to no hints towards whether the storyline is supposed to renew and continue their story.

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The finale episode has a lot in its plate to offer to the viewers. Besides the awkward and unexplained interaction that BoJack and Diane experienced, we also saw how BoJack had successfully completed his rehab sessions. He had ended up with a job of a profession at the Wesleyan University and was even able to deal with the fall out of some of the characters that emerged as a result of his shady past.

As a report by Digital Spy successfully explains, “From Diane to Todd (Aaron Paul) to Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) to Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris), BoJack’s relationships all ended up in pretty okay places by the time the sweet strains of Catherine Feeny’s “Mr. Blue” took us to the credits; it’s hard to imagine a better ending to BoJack’s story. (And by that, we mean that said story probably should’ve ended in the disaster that the harrowing and brilliant penultimate episode, “The View From Halfway Down,” portended.)”

However, it goes without saying that the creators weren’t able to explore the creative aspect of the show properly. It does appear like BoJack has quite a few things that need to be explored in the form of new seasons. However, is it possible that there will be a seventh season?

The show’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg stated that the show has met its end. In an interview with BPR, Raphael Bob-Waksberg stated, “ I think in terms of the show, we kind of come at it from two levels,” Waksberg said. “One, is what is the redemption or forgiveness that BoJack is owed, or is seeking from the public at large? And then also, what are the private amends he needs to make, or how does he salvage the personal relationships that he has with the people in his life? And I think those are two different questions that require two different answers… And I don’t know if we as an industry, or a society, or as individuals have found satisfying answers to these questions.”

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