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Boeing is attempting to send another test flight to the International Space Station.

A report suggested that the world’s largest aerospace company Boeing confirmed that it is going to attempt another test flight to the International Space Station without crew members aboard its Starliner spacecraft.

A test flight was sent to the International Space Station late last year without crew members. This scenario was performed by Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, but unfortunately, it failed. They couldn’t make it to the space station due to a glitch caused to the vehicle to burn too much fuel too early on the trip. And that is why Boeing is now going to try again.
There had been some question as to whether NASA would take the shortcoming in stride and allow for a crewed test flight to commence without Boeing redoing the failed test. Now, enough of details and corrections were made and checked in it. NASA has clearly made up its mind to do so, and Boeing needs to prove that its big-budget vehicle actually works. Otherwise, NASA is planning on sending its astronauts to step onboard.

According to the Ars Technica report, the American aerospace company Boeing stated that it would be carrying out another crewless test flight to the International Space Station.
Boeing also added that they are very cautious and much concerned towards the safety of the men and women who are busy in designing, building and eventually flying of the Starliner just as they have on every crewed mission to space. They have also chosen to Re-fly their Orbital Flight Test to demonstrate the Starliner system’s quality. The company also stated that flying another crewless flight will allow them to complete all pending flight test objectives. And if there are any errors, they will evaluate the second Starliner vehicle with a performance at no cost to the taxpayer.

NASA investigated and came out with 61 errors which are to be rectified. NASA did this with full dedication and informed Boeing to have a deeper look at their vehicle flying to the space station. We are unsure that how confident and accomplished is Boeing with its work, but we wish all the luck to them. There is no positive and accurate affirmation on when that flight will actually happen. A crewed flight by SpaceX’s will be on track for May. It is clear that the race between the two companies to send an astronaut into space is SpaceX’s to lose.

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