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Bobby Shmurda, the American rapper serves his sentence of 5 years after being denied Parole

Ackquille Jean Pollard, not many of us are stranger to this name and we do have our own reasons for this. Jean Pollard popularly known as Bobby Shmurda is an American rapper, singer, record producer, many of us known him for his occupation.

But now it’s been years that people recognize him as a murderer too after he was convicted in 2016. It might be not wise to mention that he was not a successful singer especially when his song “Hot Nigga” hit the musical universe. To know more about what he is doing as of now and where he is just read the article below:

Charged with Conspiracy to murder:

6 years back in 2014, on the eve of December 20, Shmurda was arrested by the New York police. It was reported that the rapper had weapons and reckless endangerment kept in his house. He has also been charged with murder. After two years, in 2016 he was sentenced to imprisonment for 7 years after the trial proved him the accused. However, his 7 years imprisonment was later reduced to 5 years as he was served the suspect for 2 years.

His realize from the jail:

Being the prime suspect as part of a raid of Quad Studios in Manhattan where 21 guns, marijuana and crack cocaine were discovered he was denied parole. He was also reported to be the ringleader of a gang “GS9”. As his parole was denied there was no scope of him getting out of the prison before December 11. 2021. the news is definitely a shock to his fans who were startled by the allegations on their favorite rapper

Tries to withdrew the Plea:

Initially, it was anticipated that the rapper would be imprisoned anywhere between 8 to 25 years but later he accepted that he was at fault. When the court was o give its final verdict the rapper wanted to take his words back saying that he was forced to accept the crime he did not commit.

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