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Boa Boa monster hunter world: how to find and befriend them

The Boa Boa is a species of Grimalkyne that are aboriginal to the Hoarfrost Reach, initially aggressive so it’s really hard to befriend them quickly.

How does Boa Boa look alike?

The Boa boa has the basic shape of a Grimalkyne but shows much thicker, white fur and a bulkier covering. They wear a crude imitation of Popo heads as masks, with the tusk’s tips painted in colours that harmonize to the status illness each Boa boa designs in combat.

The Boa Boa is capable of using many different status ailments to damage their foes. They feed on Popo, but also show appreciation to the creatures, attiring to look like them and travelling with the cattle through the Hoarfrost Reach. 

How to befriend them and achieve the game?

At the time of a journey, hunt a large monster: the player has to get the Boa Boa quest so early, so for a safe side you should target a Banbaro or Beotodus. You can encounter Boa Boa living at your base camp, where they heed you and observe you wherever you go and do the task by defeating the monster. After the hunt; the player has to bounce back to base camp to obtain praise from the Boa Boa, as well as for the next part in this quest cycle. The Boa Boa ask you to visit and attend their Council Meeting, where you have to head towards Area 2 and there you take a ride and finally go to Area 17; wherein the meeting you will be told to chase a Tempered Beotodus.

At the end Boa Boa will tell you exactly what to do: shoot the designated Popo with stones until it moves to Area 6, once it is done the Beotodus will indicate itself and the hunt will begin in earnest. The Beotodus wouldn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with its moveset and behavioural patterns. During the journey, a Boa Boa will tutor you to do the hunt so don’t feel isolated, and simply continue as usual and you will have your opponent down in no time. Finally, you will be sent to the Boa Boa hideout and their leader will thank you for your aid and give you the respect.


What are the rewards are given by the Boa Boa: their friendship and the ability to gather Tailraider monsters to ride on.

Where can you find Boa Boa? 

The Boa Boa can usually be found in Hoarfrost Reach, 3x in zone 2 near the trees, 3x in zone 6 near the hot spring and 4x in the centre of zone 9. 

You can find the Boa Boa Constrictor and also can encounter it while attacking other monsters in the large monsters version.

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