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Bloom and Katy are up with a unique nickname for their first born

Pop- star Katy Perry who often in the news for her cutest statement, and it seems that she is enjoying her motherhood. Recently, to be a mom was spotted taking a bath in the ocean at Malibu, and flaunted her huge baby bump. Now, the Roar singer has opened up her unborn baby’s nickname and expressed her excitement to become a mom of her firstborn.
Reportedly, pop star, who is best known for her songs which include Con Calma, Part of Me, Wide Awake, Con Calma, and many others confessed that she tells us that she is now taking up the walk of a duck, eat ice cream like a kid of all the flavours and just being very careful on each step which she takes.
Apart from that, the pop singer also gave her statement regarding her unborn baby, and asserted that she often calls her “Kicky Perry”. And it was also revealed by our gorgeous singer that she loves a pun.  Besides this, Part of Me, the singer also shared her experiences of her pregnancy and opened up that she is really very active in the last stage of her pregnancy, and she has also been advised by the doctor to do the same.
The renowned singer Katy Perry got engaged with the Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom in 2016. Though Bloom has already a son from his previous marriage with Australian model Miranda Kerr, However, Perry will be a mom for the first time. Thus, she is highly exhilarated about her upcoming baby. And Reportedly,  Bloom is also pretty much excited to be a father of his upcoming child.
Bloom is calling this duration as a Magical moment because an angel is going t pop up anytime on this planet. He also expresses much joy about how the new soul will add happiness in their life and how he will be taking care of it.

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