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Black Panther 2 – How is it possible after Chadwick Bosemen?

Lots of questions are arising like what will happen with Black Panther 2, after Chadwick’s death due to cancer; who will play the role of Black Panther, Will part 2 cancelled? MCU lovers are waiting for official news regarding part 2. So let’s dive in to know further.

Black Panther is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics. It is produced by Marvel Studios and directed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


There isn’t any certain news about the sequel so far even before Boseman’s departure. The movie was not recorded for launch until 2022, and shooting has not yet started.
Before the unexpected news of Boseman’s death, the sequence appeared to be joining a well-known club. Ryan Coogler (the director), who is also a co-writer of the first movie’s screenplay, is returning soon. According to the sources, it is assumed that most of the initial cast would make a come back, with Martin Freeman, who acts as Everett Ross (CIA agent), head of the Dora Milaje, and Danai Gurira, who performed as Okoye, Wakanda’s all actress specific forces, confirmed their arrival.

Release Date

Black Panther part 2 is viewed as a pivotal stone in the MCU’s forthcoming Stage 4. With Coogler and Boseman turning, the series has been recorded for the premiere on the 6th May, 2022.

How will there be Black Panther 2 without our Black Panther?

Is Black Panther 2 going to release without our favourite Chadwick Boseman? The character entertained film viewers in 2018’s Black Panther performing as T’Challa, the protector and king of the fictional kingdom of Wakanda, and many are contemplating a 2022 continuation. But concealed to viewers, Chadwick Boseman was hit with colon cancer before that initial flick came out, and he expired on the 28 Aug at the age of 43.

Boseman’s passing is so destructive that it feels like a deception of his thought to even study a movie without him. The Black Panther sign might transfer to other actors like Letitia Wright’s Shuri. There may be usable footage from the initial movie or from the Avengers films that might be joined in to place up T’Challa’s death, or it will be discussed orally with no new picture of Chadwick Boseman.

There will be a pattern for accepting such a huge loss. Carrie Fisher (Actress) expired in 2016, and still, her role, General Leia, issued shortly in the 2019 film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Carrie’s presentation used past footage and treated the actress loved role attentively.
As of now, yet, those are future talks, as those who honestly know Boseman will continue to recover from his loss.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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