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Black Mirror season 6: Release date, plot, cast and characters

Black Mirror season 6, is the new season renewed or cancelled? This might be something many people all over the world are looking forward to. However, there has not been any official information regarding the release of season 6. On the other side, the show will not get cancelled by Netflix due to its large viewership.

Black Mirror made its entry on December 4, 2011, on Channel 4 and was later taken over by Netflix. The show has collected in these years eight Emmy awards and also won thrice consecutively in the Outstanding Television Movie category. Charlie Brooker is the mind behind this splendid piece of work. The show has done 5 seasons with 22 episodes overall. The show consists of standalone episodes. English is the original language. The show is a combination of science fiction, anthology, satire, dystopia and black comedy.

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Black mirror is not a sequel but rather has standalone episodes, each episode portrays a different cast and story. However, the main theme of the show is the relationship and influence of technology on humans. It shows through various ways how in the future, humans will be so advanced that even the number of likes we get, decide who we are and where we stand in society. Watching every episode of Black Mirror is like opening a Christmas present. You never know what it has in store for you but when you open it, the story will blow your mind.

The show brings in interesting and unique stories which actually give us an insight on how our future will look like if we continue to involve the technology and social media into our lives and allow it to control our minds. It presents how technology is a boon and a curse for us. It provides us with many disadvantages but at the same time plunge us to hell. The show captivates the attention of all its viewers.

There is no confirmation about the Black Mirror season 6 plot, but it can either be a spin-off or a sequel or even on-off like always.

Cast and characters

Black Mirror brings in a new face for each of its episodes along with a new plot. So, the cast for the upcoming season can also not be predicted. Moreover, the show has also brought in many big stars like Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott and John Hamm. The fans can expect to see many more new and old faces in the future.

Black Mirror season 6

There has not been any official information regarding the renewal of a season 6 of the show. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for its release. The only hope is that Netflix will bring the team back because of the show’s wide viewership and popularity.

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