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Black Lives Matter movement was also supported by Matthew Perry

Like many other Hollywood actors, Matthew Perry has also come forward and supported ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest and raised his voice against racialism injustice and inequality. A black man George Floyd’s brutal murder case has provoked the people of the US to protest on the streets.

Matthew Perry, who is popular for his outstanding character Chandler Bing in the famous American television series FRIENDS, recently shared a post on his Instagram account in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

A full black picture was posted by Matthew Perry on Instagram in which ‘Black Lives Matter’ was written in white letters. While the “whole nine yards” star also shared another picture in favor of the ‘Black Lives Matter Movement’ and captioned it as “It is a pleasure to get to learn racism, rather than experience racism.”

Besides that, the serving Sara star also captioned this picture and wrote that “Although I am from Canada, I am a white man living in America, which means I am privileged. I don’t know how to fix everything that is wrong, but I want to learn how to be a better ally for every Black person affected by systemic racism”. Then he further added that” I intend to put my money where my mouth is, but for now, allow me to say: #BlackLivesMatter.”

Apart from this, some pictures of the “Fools rush in” star has also been going viral over the internet in which he is seen wearing a cool gray t-shirt with a hat, and it seems that he is leaving his house amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor is holding a cigarette in the black car with a friend on the co-passenger seat.
He has seen him sharing pictures of his daily chores or any random work done by him, and there was this picture also shared where he is sitting on a couch with a woman.

He does not want to disclose the identity of that woman, but the fans want to know who she was. The snap was taken from behind. Hence only the back is visible.

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