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“Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris turned-star of his own Netflix series “#blackAF”

The permanently indispensable contributions of Rashida Jones has done some really good work on screen and by delivering a variety of series like “Claws” and doing phenomenal voice work on animated “Duncanville.” But Jones is back with a completely new 360 touch in “# blackAF,” the first Kenya Barris project under his Netflix contract. She manages to create a comedy of the family of one camera next to Barris and acting as Joya, his onscreen wife.

A TV empire made by Kenya Barris has created another great show by mining his real life for comedy. In 2014, America’s Next Top Model co-creator and The Game writer-producer created blackish by getting inspired by his chores performed at home.

The “black-ish” star, Barris’s Kenyan Netflix series “# blackaF,” meets a Black cinemaster’s work, which he thinks is no good but his television daughter Drea, an aspiring producer, believes that is the same. in Kenya’s fifth season.

When it was first announced, Netflix’s effort to reboot ‘The Sitcom’ family in a way we have never seen before, #blackAF was originally called “#blackexcellence.” And # BlackAF fulfils the promise: the series is portrayed as a documentary which should get an applause as the film is directed by a 17-year-old, Drea (Iman Benson).

There are scenes which seem to have a touch as is they were directed spontaneously and in an unplanned manner with too much of blasphemy.

It appears humorous at most points. We mind that millions of people watch it with full interest every Tuesday. Typically it is said that it’s like a reboot for the Barris Family.
The series is mindful of itself—Barris, who plays a version of himself, at one stage watches — and praises — Blackish. But the ABC fans feel that most of the episodes of #BlackAF are unwelcomed.

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