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Bjorn Ironside: What is the net worth of this Viking’s star?

Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside is a known character to all the Vikings fans out there. However, this role is played by Alexander Ludwig. He is an actor and has played a role in movies and shows like The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, Race to Witch Mountain, The Hunger Games and Lone survivor. The Canadian actor recently mentioned in an interview that his role as Bjorn had deprived him of other chances in the movie. However, he is happy with his work and the experiences were wonderful. Along with acting, he also has a career in singing and modelling.

Childhood and early life

Alexander Ludwig was born on May 7, 1992, in Vancouver, Canada. His parents also come from the field of entertainment. They are Sharlene and Harald Horst Ludwig. His mother was a former actress and his father a businessman. He was also the co-chair of Lionsgate Entertainment. However, Alexander wanted to pursue acting as a career since he was young but his parents were reluctant to send him. It wasn’t easy for him to convince them despite his mom coming from the acting background. They believed that the world of fame would affect the child. He graduated from Unversity of Southern California.

Personal life and career

Alexander Ludwig began his career in a Harry Potter commercial. This gave him further opportunities in movies like Air Buds: World Pup, Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy, A Little Thing Called Murder, The Sandlot Kids 3, The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, Race to Witch Mountain. He has also had many roles in other movies also until he got the role in Bjorn Ironside. He has also bagged many awards for his acting careers like MTV Movie Award for Best Fight and Teen Choice Award. Alexander was also nominated for Razzie Award for Worst Screen Combo for Grown Ups 2.

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What is the net worth of Alexander Ludwig aka Bjorn Ironside?

The actor playing the role of Born Ironside is known to have an estimate of $3 million. All of this came from his works in the entertainment industry.

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