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Bioshock 4: What new does the game have for its players?

Bioshock 4

Bioshock 4 is a much-awaited game by its players. It was developed by 2K Games and first released on August 21, 2007. The game is known for displaying philosophical and moral disciplines in it. Bioshock is usually set in retrofuturistic mode, the first game was set in the year 1960, the second game in 1968 and the third in 1912. The game combines both shooting in the first person and also the use of role-playing using elements. The game has considerable good feedbacks and the previous three have sold over 34 million copies. Further, a motion picture which was supposed to happen for the series got cancelled. However, to the excitement of the fans, Bioshock 4 was announced in December 2019.

What is Bioshock 4 about?

The developer has mentioned that his influence was mainly from the authors and books he read. He has a degree in liberal arts too which to him is useless but proved to inspiration and game development for the players. However, the game will be set in a different place and timeline similar to the other three games. Moreover, the game is taken up by Cloud Chambers. The team is very secretive about the development of the game and even the release date is unclear. Further, we can expect a new world filled with fantasy and power yet seem to be believable.

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When can we expect the new series of the game?

The team is still developing its new game and has remained private about the whole thing apart from the tiny leaks that we come across. No hints have been given about Bioshock 4 and so the fans are eagerly waiting to get more clues about the game. However, concerning the release date, since video games take a long time and effort to develop. The fourth instalment was announced in December 2019 and so the game can only be expected by 2022 considering the development time and even the restrictions the team might face due to pandemic.


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