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Big Show the Legend and his Net Worth

Big Show net worth

The big show is a legendary wrestler in an American integrated media and professional wrestling company, which almost all of us know as WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. Big Show’s real name is Paul Donald Wight II. He was born on 8 Feb 1972 in South Carolina, United States. Before going straight to the net worth part, let’s talk a bit more about him.

Early Life

In his childhood, Wight suffered from acromegaly, a disease related to the endocrine system. At the mere age of 12, he was 6ft 11 in tall and weighed around 99 kg. He played basketball in high school and also in university. Before attending university, he attended Oklahoma Junior College, where his averages of 14 points and 6.4 rebounds earned him honors and got the team to win the Western Division of Oklahoma State Conference.

Wrestling Career

Wight started his wrestling career as he and Hulk Hogan had a basketball game, after which Hogan recommended him to WCW’s vice president. In 1995 Wight signed up with WCW and fought under the ring name ‘The Giant.’ He had a very successful wrestling career as he gained many WWE, WWF, and WCW titles. His signature moves are Chokeslam, Knock-out(KO) punch. He was 2-time WCW Heavyweight Champion, 4-time WWF/WWE Champion, 1-time Intercontinental Champion, 8-time WWE Tag Team Champion.

Personal Life

Wight married first to Melissa Piavis in 1997. They had a daughter and then separated in 2000. Their divorce was finalized on 6 Feb, 2002. Then he married Bess Katramados in 2003. They have two children and currently living a happy life. Big Show is 2.12m tall and weighs 175 kg.

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Net Worth of Big Show

Finally, the part for which you visited the site. His net worth is approximately $20 million. The major part of his worth is wrestling. He also did various movies like The Countdown, The Waterboy, and Jingle All the Way. He also appeared in many video games and TV series.


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