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Big Little Lies 3: Will There Be The Next Sequence?

The perfect days of upper-class moms, at an elementary school, unwind at the time of murder when a single-mother transits to their eccentric Californian beach town. Celeste, Madeline, and Jane are wealthy young women in Monterey.

The Big Little Lies part 2 completed with Bonnie choosing to turn herself in to push Perry down the stairs on a fateful night. With the Monterey Five tardily freed from their lie, the tale appeared to be at its edge; Ed and Madeline are all set to move on after resuming their pledges, Celeste stays with her children, and Renata is done with her husband Gordon, and Jane opens up to Corey after many attempts.

But many fans had plenty of questions, demanding for more closure after the end. Big Little Lies part 3 is not confirmed officially, despite the fact, the second part winded up back in 2019.

Who are all in, for another season?

Reese Witherspoon was tactful at the Big Little Lies part 2 release when asked about additional seasons, the response was – I have no idea [whether it could happen or not], she reported Entertainment Tonight in May 2019.

But, quarantine made her and Laura more fun in returning to their BLL roles. During an Instagram Live, the duo conversed on returning to the world of Monterey. I do fantasize that we have to do it as I miss, don’t you miss those casts? Dern asked. Witherspoon joined in the chat, “We even want to do it, we are just waiting. We are trying. We are trying to look at the right story and how do we conclude after that suspense?

The Oscar winner gave a similar answer as – The role is so good because it’s so layered, she spoke about her Emmy-winning role as Celeste. I mean, I would play as her for the rest of life, traveling the way her life unwinds. You go, ‘Ahh, ok, jump off the cliff then try. And I have tried that through my career, and as a self, you jump off. Why not?

Probably these casts might return. Lets’ take a look below –
Madeline – Reese Witherspoon
Jane – Shailene Woodley
Bonnie – Zoë Kravitz
Renata- Laura Dern
Ed – Adam Scott
Nathan – James Tupper
Gordon – Jeffrey Nordling
Abigail – Kathryn Newton
Ziggy – Iain Armitage
Chloe – Darby Camp
Josh – Cameron Crovetti
Max – Nicholas Crovetti
Skye – Chloe Coleman
Amabella – Ivy George.

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