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Better Call Saul Season Five To Launch On Netflix?

It has already aired on AMC and it seems like Netflix will also be looking to launch the series. 

When the fifth season of Better Call Saul came out, it was quite evident that it had done well with the fans. It appears like Netflix has realised the true potential of the series and as a part of their contract, also decided to include the fifth season of the show to air on the online-streaming platform in the near future. There have been quite a few developments with regards to the show in the recent months. Saul Goodman have received many hints on what can be expected in the future.

Fans of Breaking Bad find Better Call Saul especially fun-to-watch because was the theme that it is following. In fact, it has even been featuring some real talent such as the stars from ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.’ The theme, in total, ends up following the lives of those characters of history such as Jessie Pinkman. As can be recalled, the first five seasons of Better Call Saul has already ended up airing on AMC. The last season came out on February 23rd 2020. It ended up consisting of 10 new episodes. The 10 episodes are expected to conclude on April 20th, 2020. Even though, it hasn’t been made official as yet, but the last season is also expected to be included on Netflix. It appears like the company has decided to release the final episode on the basis of the reaction of the fans.

Better Call Saul Season 5 Netflix Release Date

For the Netflix viewers who are based in Canada, the United States, South Africa and Spain, have all ended up receiving a firmer release date for the fifth season of Better Call Saul. The fourth season of the series already premiered on Netflix. The online-streaming platform had made use of this opportunity to promote the fame that it has ended up garnering as a whole. This is actually a good time for Better Call Saul to release on Netflix as there already is quite a bit of viewership for the show.

According to a few recent reports, Better Call Saul season 5 is expected to release on Netflix in the early 2021. However, it seems like this maybe affected due to the current Coronavirus situation. It remains to be seen what path the creators end up following. It should in fact, impact the release of the series, especially because it has already been filmed. Of course, there are post-production complications that they may have to deal with, which will eventually follow.

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