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GTA RP: Top 5 Best GTA RP Servers And How To Join Them

GTA RP: Top 5 Best Servers And How To Join Them

It might be really intimidating if you are new to all of this. Find and apply to GTA Online RP servers, download the necessary modifications to make it function, and then learn how to play GTA Online correctly. You’ll also encounter a number of slang terminology that you might not be acquainted with in addition to everything else. We’ve created a helpful beginning guide to assist anyone interested in joining in an effort to reduce some of that burden.

The typical crime-inspired personality of the GTA franchise is transformed into a blank canvas with a Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server. You may play as a police officer, store clerk, or even a criminal by spawning onto a map that has dozens of other players thanks to the installation of a mod.

GTA RP: Top 5 Best Servers And How To Join Them
GTA RP: Top 5 Best Servers And How To Join Them

Most servers offer a diverse selection of settings and don’t follow a strict theme. Each site often includes a website where they specify which exact modifications to download in order to join, along with a number of forums where you can talk to individuals who have chosen a career similar to yours.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) RP saw a spike in popularity with the release of NoPixel’s 3.0 upgrade, as viewers and streamers flocked to the GTA portion of Twitch and cemented the game’s position among the most popular games.

Players want to join in on the roleplaying action on NoPixel, the server that stands out for GTA RP and try it out for themselves every time they release a significant update.

GTA RP: Top 5 Best Servers And How To Join Them

Although some of NoPixel’s features may not be present on other servers, the basic idea remains the same. By using the FiveM server menu, you may jump into GTA V, create a character, and roleplay to your heart’s delight. Of course, everything is within the confines of the server’s restrictions.

How To Join GTA RP Servers?

  1. Before installing FiveM, make sure your copy of GTA 5 is current.
  2. Visit the website of FiveM and select “Download Client.” For the download to proceed, you must accept the terms of service.
  3. Open the FiveM.exe file to begin the installation. The launcher can take a while, so be patient.
  4. To prevent any issues, be sure to install FiveM to the same disk as you install GTA 5.
  5. FiveM will find your GTA 5 files on its own. For FiveM, you’ll have to find it manually if it fails.
  6. Permit FiveM to update your game cache; this step is required to complete the installation process.
  7. Run FiveM to view the list of servers.

Eclipse is a server that comes close. Similar to NoPixel, there are many ways to earn money, spend it, and enjoy an enjoyable role-playing experience. In addition to Eclipse, there is MafiaCity. Although there is a lot of roleplay on this server as well, it differs from the others in some ways.

GTA RP: Top 5 Best Servers And How To Join Them

NPCs can be eliminated since, among other things, it is hosted on the Rage mode rather than FiveM. In addition, there are countless options for positions. As easy as you may become a police officer or a firefighter, you can also become a horrible criminal. LucidCity can be a good choice if you’re searching for something a little more open and wild. It appears on the FiveM list and is quite open to joining, like other items.

The server integrates Cayo Perico from the standard GTA Online mode and has several NoPixel features in addition to a few of their own. Like the others, you should introduce yourself on their forum and Discord before starting on a crime spree.


  • Eclipse RP
  • MafiaCity GTA RP
  • GTA World RP
  • LucidCityRP
  • NoPixel

All of these RP servers are well-liked and have excellent scripting optimization. These RP servers’ communities are aware of the value of roleplay. These roleplaying servers represent an entirely new universe. You can adopt the persona of a fictitious character and behave in their place. You’ll have a great time roleplaying on these servers, I have no doubt.

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