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Best Educational Shows on Netflix

At this point in time, pretty much anyone who has access to the internet and uses it for entertainment purposes is aware of what Netflix is. The massive streaming service is a global hit and people from all over the world use it to watch their favorite movies and shows when they’re bored. But did you know that there is a ton of educational content on the platform too? These titles are great not only for young students but also for adults who enjoy learning new things.

It’s also vital for young students to watch such content on the streaming service. “With so many young children and teenagers having access to Netflix, watching some enlightening content can go a long way in teaching them more about the world around them.“, says John Davies who is a part of PapersOwl as one of the leading expert writers. Browsing educational Netflix and finding something that can teach you something is a very good way of spending your time on the platform.

The Best Educational Shows On Netflix

1.     Our Planet

Among the best Netflix shows you can watch if you are a fan of nature is this one. In it, David Attenborough narrates how the earth is changing due to climate change and how human beings are impacting everything in the wild, among a lot more. Not only is this program educational, but it is also visually stunning and will keep you glued to your couch for hours on end.

2.     Bill Nye: Science Guy

Climate change is real and is affecting the world we live in. There is growing evidence of how it is changing the earth and that is why programs like this one are important. In this program, Bill Nye saves everyone the hassle of researching as he goes over the importance of climate change. He faces strong skeptics of climate change in this show and uses scientific evidence to talk about the issue. If you want to learn more about climate change, this is one of the top Netflix shows you can watch.

3.     Ask the Doctor

A documentary series for those who want their health questions answered without having to go to the doctor’s office, Ask the Doctor is a very good option if you want to find out more about health in general. In this show, three medical professionals take on the most popular questions asked by patients suffering from various ailments.

4.     72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America

Some of the cutest animals you’ll see on this show will be among the deadliest on Earth. This series is great for anyone interested in finding out more about the animal kingdom. The basic premise here is to know which animal is the most poisonous from a collection of options. This is not something you might learn in school but it definitely makes for a very exciting program about animals.

5.     Explained

Created by Vox, Explained talks about how a lot of things work. This program provides a ton of information about various subjects. The episodes are not hour-long either. They are kept short at just 15-20 minutes long, making it easy to digest all the information that is provided. This is one of the greatest options you can watch on educational Netflix because investing a couple of hours of your time in it can give you a massive return in terms of knowledge.

6.     Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

You may not have expected a comedy special on this list but this is a good one. Hart goes over some of the most fascinating and important contributions that have come from unsung black heroes over the years. He does this in his particularly funny way while keeping the program highly enlightening at the same time. Each story told is a true story, making this program a great way to get the knowledge that you can use in school assignments too.

7.     The Magic School Bus

One of the top Netflix shows for young children, this is an animated one in which Ms. Frizzle drives a bus across outer space, under the sea, and even inside the human body to talk about various subjects. Whether your children are interested in learning about people, gardening, or animals, this is a great series to introduce them to when they want to watch something on the tablet.

8.     The Universe

Want to know more about the universe we live in? With research like the one suggesting that Earth will develop rings around it, it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone wanted to know just a bit more. The Universe is a very good watch in this category. It goes over some of the most fascinating topics like black holes and galaxy mergers to open up the viewers’ minds regarding such cosmic issues.


Whether you want to know more about animals or how something is made, the streaming giant we all know and love has a show for you. Instead of wasting time mindlessly scrolling the endless list of movies and programs on the platform, why not start spending your time watching something that teaches you something while also entertaining you at the same time? This list has some of the top choices in this regard, so be sure to check some of the programs and see if something fancies the student inside you.

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