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Best attacking and defending Pokemon in Pokemon Go 

In Pokemon Go, every Pokemon has its special abilities and perks. There are hundreds of Pokemon available in Pokemon Go and many more will still come as the generations pass through. Different strengths are required in attacking, defending, tackling raids and fighting in PvP. There are different combat mechanics for each Pokemon. Some are good in PvP battles and some are outstanding at raids or gyms. Few Pokemon are strong all-rounders on every battlefield. The best Pokemon mainly depends on how the player uses them in the battle. The player should understand how to use their Pokemon completely from gyms to PvP battles.

Best attacker pokemon in Pokemon Go

  • METAGROSS: This Pokemon contains many charge moves. The Meteor Mash is one of the best types of legacies moves in the game. It is a steel type attacker. 
  • MEWTWO: It has a CP that reaches over 4000. Has the best legacy attack in Shadow Ball and Psystrike. Best in doing Psychic and stab damage to the opponents. 
  • RAYQUAZA: Only available through legendary raids. One of the great dominant dragon type Pokemon. Has a drawback against the ice type Pokemon. 
  • MACHAMP: Has the best running dynamic punch. A powerful attacker with a little frail side. Even the best defensive Pokemon are weak against Machamp. 
  • KYOGRE: As a strong attack with defence stat. Strong water-type Pokemon available currently in Pokemon Go. Has a Powerful hydro pump and surfing skill. 
  • LUCARIO: A phenomenal attacker and can deal massive damage. A fighting type with good charge actions and power up punch. 

Best defender pokemon in Pokemon Go

  • SLAKING: Best in defence stat and has the highest CP. A little weak against the fighting type like Machamp and Lucario. 
  • BLISSEY: Can stand against the attackers for a long time. It has good defensive stats and huge HP. 
  • SNORLAX: Can be used in the gym. It is a bulky normal type Pokemon. Has a good HP. 
  • MEWTWO: best in the defensive and can be used in PvP master league. Best against the fighting type Pokemon like Manchamp. 
  • TOGEKISS: Best against the dragon type and dominant attacker type Pokemon. It is a flying type Pokemon with fast moves. 
  • DRAGONITE: Good against the Machamp in a gym. A flying type with a good attack stat with better defence skill. 


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