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Bert Kreischer’s Family: How the hilarious couple ended up each other and living happily for 17 years!

bert kreischer family

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian, reality television host, and actor; he was named by the magazine as “the top player at the number one party school in the country. He was born on 3rd November 1972 in Tampa, Florida United States. 

Who is Bert Kreischer’s wife and what she is doing?

Kelly LeeAnn Kemp, now hosts a podcast called “wife of the party” which is recorded in her husband’s ‘man cave’ and of which there are more than 100 episodes to date. She happens to be perennial in her husband’s programs and joins him during talks and podcasts because they are so jovial together. She was born on 20th august 1971 and age is 47 as of 2020, originated in Los Angeles, California in the United States. She did her schooling at Bowdon High School. 

How do they meet each other and make a love connection?

They both met back 15 years ago, when Kelly LeeAnn is a 30-year-old working as a writer, in the office where Kelly and her friend work for the writings, where Bert’s roommate stopped at her office to meet Kelly LeeAnn’s friend- this is where the couples eye met each other for the first time. As the first impression didn’t go well as Kelly thought Bert is so disrespectful for hesitating them in the middle of the work and on the other hand Bert is thinking of Kelly as a pretty and sweet girl. Bert and Kelly were in the same Yoga class and occupied the spot next to her to gain attention, so their friendship slowly turned into a fling where Kelly’s friend arranged a party and increased the chances to encounter the romance in Bert and Kelly LeeAnn. As Kelly thought that ‘Bert is not the type you marry’ but to a surprising note; The pair knotted in 2003 and have been the most amazing couple ever since and have been living together for 17 years now. The couple supports each other in everything, has a joint podcast, and jokes at each other on Twitter.

When did their children were born? 

The couple welcomed their first children Georgia aged 16 and born in 2004 and the second child Ila,14, came to the world in 2006, the name is based for the first child is after LeeAnn’s birth state and their second child Ila, after her aunt whom Bert describes as a chain smoker, drunk and all-around captivating human being. Even their children have inherited Bert’s sense of humour, many drifting characteristics of his jokes, and giving a wholesome side to his frat guy comedy act. No, the Kreischer family is living in Los Angeles, California happily ever after. 

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