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Benedict Cumberbatch’s New Movie Receives A New Title

The movie titled, ‘The Courier’ is expected to hit the theatres on August 28th, 2020.

We will soon be seeing Benedict Cumberbatch on the big screen again. According to recent reports, the actor has worked in a movie, which was previously called Ironbank. The movie has reportedly already debuted at the Sundance festival. However, as time passed by, the production team decided to give a new title to the film. The movie is expected to hit the theatres on August 28th, 2020. The main production houses behind this movie will be Lionsgate along with the sister company, Roadside Attractions. This announcement was made back on Wednesday, earlier this week.

Along with Dominic Cooke from the ‘On Chesil Beach’ title, this movie is based on the story revolving around the Cold War. It is supposed to be a spy thriller, which will also end up featuring many leading stars other than Benedict Cumberbatch. The other actors expected to be a part of the movie include Rachel Brosnahan, Jessie Buckley and an actor who is from Georgia, Merab Ninidze. This movie also features Tom O’Connor of The Hitman’s Bodyguard fame. In fact, it also appears like the actor is also played a key role in writing the script of the movie.

The storyline essentially revolves around a series of true events. The series is expected to narrate the story of an unassuming businessman who is based in Britain. His name is Greville Wynne. This role is obviously played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Apart from this, we also have another level of conflict taking place, as far as international conflicts are concerned. It appears like Wynne will be playing a major role in forming a covert. This is expected to be a much more dangerous partnership that is involved with the presence of Soviet Officer, Oleg Penkovsky. However, we are waiting further for more details. It is also being rumoured that the series will essentially revolve around the life of the Cuban Missile crisis.

As far as more details about the upcoming movie is concerned, the film is produced by Adam Ackland Ben Browning. We also have Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken playing an executive role in the forefront. There’s Leah Clarke, Ashley Fox, Glen Basner, Alison Cohen, Milan Popelka and Josh Varney who will also be playing a significant role during this series. The production is well looked for because of the cinematography skills offered by none other than Sean Bobbitt. As is evident in his work for 12 Years A Slave, he is the individual who provides the most amount of magic on screen, which is certainly good news.

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