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Battle In Pokemon Go: How to win the Tough Battle and become a competitive player in Pokemon Go?

battling in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go makes it easy to battle friends anywhere in the world. You have to select the team which should consist of three players and also get your opponent then get ready for the battle in Pokemon Go. battle training always allows you to practice trainer battles, your pokemon won’t take any damage and safeguard during training.

How to start the battle in Pokemon Go? 

First, you desire to be Ultra or Best Friends to battle another player at a distance.

When you are prepared, Thus go to your Friends list, and find the player you want to battle. 

Press the Battle button, and they will receive a notification. If they accept, the battle begins.

Battling in Pokemon Go is difficult or not? Is there any battle League announced this year 2020?

Pokemon Go battles are prohibited to some extent where the players who are Pokemon Go level 10 or above can get into the battling field; You should have a span of creatures at your dumping to start the battle. Combatting has been a beginning part of the pokemon universe since the very starting to earn more candy and evolving the species you want. 

The Pokemon Go officially announced the development of a feature that will build upon Trainer battles. The current form of player Vs player battling that exists within pokemon Go which is called Go Battle League. It has scheduled a release in early 2020 that allows friends or local players to compete against one another and make themselves competitive. The rank progression will be changing in this league, where the players can reach at 2 ranks by completing a certain number of battles, and at 3rd rank by completing 9 battles. 

What do you see in the pokemon battle league in 2020?

The first step to getting into Go Battle League is unlocked for free, whereas you can unlock future sets by walking 3 km, when you complete that, a battle button will appear on your screen giving an option to unlock one set by spending Pokecoins on that.

The same set of rewards and timeline are expected in this year also: 

  • there will not be a walking requirement to battle this year’s 2020 league.
  • The friendship level requirement should remain at good friends and also should scan another trainer’ OR code to battle them.
  • The rewards will be similar to those in the last battle match 2019, where the avatar items inspired by Pikachu Libre will continue to be ranked 7 rewards, by blue from the pokemon RPGs will rank 10 rewards.

What is the best pokemon for battling in Pokemon Go?

  • Tyranitar is a rock and dark pokemon which evolves from Jupiter and has the strongest moveset which is a smackdown and return.
  • Dragonite is a dragon and flying type pokemon, has the strongest dragon tail and Draco meteor
  • Snorlax is a normal type of Pikachu which is vulnerable to fighting type moves.


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