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BarkEm’s To Go: How much is the pet meals company worth?

Bark’em’s To Go provides an easy solution to feed your pets when you are not at home. Taking care of your pets meal while you are on a trip can be tricky. The inventor of BarkEm’s is here to take care of your pet with an on-the-go meal.

BarkEm’s To Go is an innovatory business venture which provides you an entire one time kit for the pre packaged meals for your dogs. It is the most suitable option when you are hitting the road.

The package can be conveniently carried anywhere and the meal is just rightly suited for your pet dogs. It contains the neutral dog food and the meal is very easy on their tummy. The packaging is quite environment friendly which makes it easily disposable.

Establishment of BarkEm’s To Go:

Blake St. Claire is the founder of BarkEm’s To Go. It was when Blake found it difficult to take care of what his dog eats outside home, either when traveling or hiking, that he decided to come up with the idea of this line of portable pet meals. Carrying meals around can be a heavy task involving a number of packages and pre planning. BarkEm’s To Go solves this issue. BarkEm’s To Go kit comes handy with single-serving pre-packed meal that is just rightly suitable for your dogs.

The kit comes with a disposable dish. Every aspect of health to suit the nutrition of the dogs is rightly balanced. It is also furnished with vitamin enhanced water. BarkEm’s To Go also provides treats in its packaging. Once you are done with feeding your dog, you can stuff the left overs in the waste bag to dispose it off effectively. Hence the entire kit is quite environment friendly.

The owner of BarkEm’s To Go, Blake had also come on Shark Tank with this business venture. The stake which Blake had put up was 51% in return for $100,000. But, this did not work out for them and the sharks had rejected this idea.

Hence, Blake is now entirely focusing on this particular project to feed the dogs with the on-the-go meal. He has now collaborated with other companies which provides meals to the dogs via e-commerce too. The product is also available on Amazon in selected locations.

BarkEm’s To Go kit sizes for the dogs meal

They have categorized it into three sizes:

1) 12 oz (this is for the large dogs, 55 lbs. and above);

2)6.5 oz (for dogs that weigh 30-55 lbs.);

3) small 4 oz. (for dogs that are 30 lbs. and lighter).

What is the Net Worth of BarkEm’s To Go?

The actual worth of the company BarkEm’s To Go is currently not available. But, according to the evaluation of Blake’s website last year and the worth of the company was estimated to be around $240 per year that produced an average of $0.66 each day.


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