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Bard of Blood is coming back with a new season and new challeges

Bard of Blood

Hey, fans of Emraan Hashmi who are missing him in big screens and waiting for his comeback. He got into OTT platform with the Netflix Original “Bard of Blood” as the season1 was a big hit and got a great attention of the audience and they are eagerly waiting for the 2nd season. You guys had a great news Shahrukh khan has given info that 2nd season is coming soon in Netflix. Imran also excited about this soon it may hit your screens.

In past season he solved the case of talaq and cracked the Taliban attacks and killed the villains. But in the climax, there was a biggie and he is coming back and take revenge.


A new mission was assigned to Kabir and his new team are charged up for the new mission. But there are some moles in the team when Kabir finds out that there is a mole, the damage has already happened and he lost his job and back to the teaching profession. An enquiry happened and it tells the story how the mission was collapsed.

He narrates the story to the enquiry officers and tells every detail how the hideout mission in afghan happened. While it was going smooth he got news that Khalid was not murdered and he was alive. Started a camp in Aldera and working on RAW special teams and planning to have a blast in Mumbai. Kabir is appointed as the lead and head to Aldera. It goes on with some great action episodes and some technical brilliance was used for a 5 minutes shot. It was shot in a single take. There are some intimacy scenes are there in the new season.


  • Emran Hashmi as Kabir Anand/Adonis
  • Vineeth Singh as Veere Singh
  • Shobitha Dulipala as Isha Khanna
  • Danish Husain as Mullah Khalid
  • Kriti Kulhari as Jannat Marri
  • Abhishekh as Nusrat Bashir Marri
  • Ajay Mahendru as Rehmat Khatib

Release date:

 Bard of Blood 2 is going to be released by the end of November or in the starting of December. Post-production was going quick soon we get the trailer. In the trailer, we get the exact date. First makers are planning to release the posters and teasers to create hype.

We may get the info quickly as the Red chilli Entertainments are making clear that they are happy with the output and eagerly waiting for audience response. Netflix is also having a great market in India and making series in Hindi and other languages.

That’s all for the Bard of Blood 2, soon you are going to have it on the screens. Stay safe and Be in-home and follow us for more Interesting news about entertainment.

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