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Banksy the street artist: How much does he earn with his graffiti?


You all must have come around some wall paintings and graffiti with deep social messages. Either in real life or online, such impressive art on streets and aim of social betterment is worth a sight. But the main question is “Who made that?” Well, a guy known as Banksy is behind all those street arts. Although he has done a great job to keep his identity anonymous, let’s see what we know about him!

Who is Banksy?

As mentioned above, Banksy has been anonymous about his identity hence only a little is known about him. Banksy is a street artist from England.  But his motive behind his paintings has made him emerged as a political activist. His art on street is always satirical. His dark humour graffiti is a comment of the social and political condition and are featured throughout the world. The messages in his work are usually anti-war, anti-capitalist, or anti-establishment. He is an inspiration for many young people to raise their voice against everything wrong through any means. That’s not all! Banksy has also tried his hands in film making and succeeded lordly. Sources said that Banksy lived in Bristol for ten years and moved to London in 2020.

Banksy’s identity has always been subjected of speculation. Several guesses have been made based on his personality and appearance. For instance, in 2003, a journalist for The Guardian described Banksy as a cross between Jimmy Nail and Mike Skinner of the Streets.

However, according to the Bristol Cathedral School’s claims, Banksy is believed to be born in July 1973. Also, there has been speculation that Banksy is Robert Del Naja who is from the band known as “Massive Attack” that Banksy said he was inspired by. Also, Robert was involved in graffiti during the 1980s.

Career Highlights of Banksy

Banksy began his career as an artist in 1990. Initially, he was a freehand graffiti artist. He later changed to stencilling art and was soon recognized in Bristol and London. Banksy’s first known street art was “The Mild Mild West”. He did it in 1997 to cover an ad of a former solicitors’ office on Stokes Croft in Bristol. He painted a teddy bear, lobbing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police.

Gorilla with Pink Mask
Gorilla with Pink Mask
Source: eBay

One of the most famous graffiti work by Banksy is “Gorilla in a Pink Mask” in 2011. He made it on the exterior wall of a former social club in Eastville. However, it was painted over when it became a Muslim cultural centre. Also, Banksy has done various exhibitions in L.A., Sydney and London.

Above all, Banksy’s 2010 documentary film, titled as ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’, was nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Some of Banksy’s works are as follows:

Banksy Painting
Source: Strategy Lab
Source: Far & Wide
Credits: Artlyst.com

Banksy’s Net Worth

It may seem like the graffiti wouldn’t have paid Banksy monetarily. But the truth is, Banksy’s art is worth a hundred thousand dollars. His paintings are auctioned and sold. The highest sale for Banksy’s work has been recorded to be around $14 million. Certainly, Banksy’s estimated net worth is 20 to 50 million dollars.

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