Bad Company 3.

Bad Company 3: Is the game cancelled or renewed for a new season?

Bad Company is a game that is looked forward to by many. After the second part received positive critics, now there is a wait for Bad Company 3. The game is part of the well known Battlefield series. However, its been almost 10 years since its last release and the fans still have hope for the game series. There have been no updates regarding Bad Company 3 in such a long time and so it’s better to keep the hopes low. To know more about the game and its features, continue reading.

What is the Bad Company about and its features?

The players are placed in a destructible environment and can play in single and multiplayer. The game is set in the future and the players possess weapons and military vehicles to fight their opponents. The story of the game was liked by many. It showed the life of Preston Marlowe who is a soldier. He is sent to join the Bad Company where he meets with his co-workers. The team has to fight against The Legionnaire which is a powerful army. Preston and his team have to stop them from escaping with the goal and they succeed. However, it’s all about vengeance for The Legionnaire now. The game allows a huge percentage of the environment to be destroyed and each player only has one weapon which has other weapons along with it.

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When can we play Bad Company 3?

The Bad company was developed by EA DICE and it was initially released in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its been a long gap since the last series of the game. The fans are still eager to know about the updates regarding Bad Company 3. However, the time is unlikely to make a third series. Considering business as their priority, if they had to choose between renewing Battlefield and Bad Company, they would choose the former. This doesn’t mean any hope at all. We can expect it to come but not anytime soon. If the team is interested to bring it back anytime soon, even then it can only be expected after a period of 2-3 years.