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Bad Boys For Life 4 Is Now Official!

It looks like the fourth film is well on its way!

It is interesting to note how the past couple of years, many creators of films have essentially focused on the nostalgic elements of the history. We have seen many long-awaited films become alive again in the form of sequels and reboots and they have arrived in different groups to our screens. It has been an absolute joy for the fans to see some of their favourite pieces of work out for the audience. It is for these followers that we bring a very fantastic news piece – the Bad Boys franchise is expected to return. When the last film came out, we were delighted to see Adil El Arbi as well as Bilall Fallah bring together one of the best reboots of 2020. It seems like they have decided to make the movie yet again. It is very much in development and the fourth film is expected to go into production soon enough.

As can be recalled, it was producer Jerry Bruckheimer who was responsible for bringing the fourth film of Bad Boys back on the screen. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were absolutely stunning on the screen and they were able to deliver good action scenes as well, after all this while. The three instalments that have followed since then can also be marked as proud achievements. This has absolutely been a box office hit for all. It has all come together successfully for all the fans. It appears like production house Sony has also ended up enjoying the Mike-Marcus situation quite a bit and has finally revealed their plans of setting it into motion.

In a recent interview, the official spokesperson of Sony stated, “ We had a great experience on the first one, both through the development process with Tom Rothman [chair of Sony] and his team, and then through the editing process and filming process… We put together, along with their help, a movie that’s very satisfying for the audience, and we’d like to do it again, and I think they’d like us to do it again. We’re currently working on a draft for the fourth one.”

This is certainly exciting news. It looks like the success that the previous film was able to achieve has actually become one of the finest accomplishments till date. The achievement in itself has enabled numerous properties to bring their films back to life in the cinema halls. It still appears to be in very early development process but we can remain assured that the script for the fourth film is very much on its way. It is actually officially been worked on and we are happy about that fact!

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