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Back to the future IV: Is the sequel really coming?

The American science fiction and adventure comedy film series is Back to the Future. The series is written by Robert Zemeckis. It is also directed by Robert Zemeckis. Back to the future is produced by Neil Canton Bob Gale. The series franchise talks about the experiences and adventures of a high school student. The central characters are Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett L. Brown. They take the help of a DeLorean time machine to travel back to the different time periods in the history of Hill Valley of California.

The first movie of the franchise made the highest-gross in its releasing year 1985.  Soon it turned to become an international craze. This made way to the release of the subsequent second and third films. The sequels came in the years 1989 and 1990. As expected, the other two movies did not do as good at the box office. They could not match to the craze of the first film. This trilogy but is remaining as the immensely popular one. It was also adapted to television series, a stage musical, and also a video game.

Though there have been some rumors of the fourth part coming soon but no confirmed news has been surfaced yet. Will there be a fourth part of the movie?

What was the movie all about?

The first movie released in the year, 1985 became a huge success. The main character Marty who is just 17 years old is time-traveled to 1955, some thirty years back. He goes back in time by the time machine built by Doctor Brown. When he arrives in 1955, his mother falls in love with him creating a paradox in the movie. Now, this creates trouble and he aims to unite his parents. He then finally reunites them. Due to the unavailability of plutonium to power the time machine, he is unable to come back. Finally in due time, due to the lightning streak, the power is back in a time machine and he gets back to 1985. When he returns he sees tremendous changes in his family and his own life.

Subsequently, in the next two parts, Marty continues his adventure-filled journey. In the movie he, the doctor, and Jennifer time travel to the year 2015. They find that Marty’s family is in a financial constraint. They try to normalize the situation. In the third part, Marty goes out to find the 1955 Doctor to rectify the time machine. After knowing that Doctor is in trouble in the year 1985 Marty sets out to do this. Following all these, in the end, the doctor gets a new time machine. The doctor metaphorically says that you need to make your future better.

Who made the movie so popular?

These are the main cast and crew of the movie. There are also various other actors who make up the team and have made the movie much popular.

  • Michael J. Fox is playing the character of Marty McFly.
  • Christopher Lloyd plays the role of the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett Brown.
  • Lea Thompson plays the character of Marty’s mother Lorraine Baines.
  • Claudia Well is playing the role of Jennifer Parker.
  • Thomas F. Wilson takes up the character of Biff Tannen.

Is there a new sequel coming soon?

As of now the production team has not confirmed any release date of the sequel. But it seems like this is not happening any time soon.

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