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‘Bachelor Party’ star Tawny Kitaen is no more!

The popular child actor and ‘Bachelor Party’ star, Tawny Kitaen is said to have passed away at the age of 59. As per the report by TMZ, Tawny Kitaen died in her house at Newport Beach, California. However, the cause of her death hasn’t been announced yet.

The news of Kitaen’s death came a few hours after the rumors about her death flooded on Twitter. Many people started paying tribute to the actor without any official news. According to the reports, a publisher called Latest News South Africa first reported about Kitaen’s death on early Saturday. However, no further information was given.

Soon after, music historian Eddie Trunk paid a tribute to Tawny on Twitter. He wrote, “RIP Tawny Kitaen. Sad to learn of the passing of a true 80s icon. From film to @Whitesnake videos to the cover of @theRATTpack albums a true legend. Condolence to family, friends and fans.” However, Trunk later deleted his tweet which led to speculations of reports being fake.

After that, the American model and actress Carrie Stevens confirmed the news by tweeting in response to a user’s announcement about Kiaten’s death. She wrote, “It’s true. I don’t people for not wanting to believe it… but it is fact. Let her family give the official statement. They deserve that respect. RIP to a legend.”

But now, the star has been announced dead as per TMZ reports. There is still no announcement from Kitaen’s family, but the news about Tawny’s death has already surfaced.

Tawny was a popular actor, who landed in the industry in 1976 with the game show ‘To Tell the Truth’. But, she earned her fame when she acted opposite Tom Hanks in the 1984 movie “Bachelor Party”. Other than that, she has also appeared in various music videos including “Whitesnake’s Is This Love?” and “Here I Go”.

Although Tawny was a loved celebrity, her married life was not so happening. Her marriage with David Coverdale only lasted 2 years. After that, she got married to baseball star Chuck Finley and had two daughters. The end of their relationship was disastrous as Finely filed for divorce after claiming Tawney abused him physically. She was also charged for domestic violence, after which she cut a plea and entered a domestic violence counseling program.

Tawny also had a history of substance abuse and she has been arrested for possession of drugs and driving under influence.

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