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Baby Yoda: What is he exactly, what is his real name?

The Child, Cutely known as Baby Yoda among the fans, is a character from The Mandalorian Disney+ TV Series. It is the smallest member of the same family as of the Star Wars character, Yoda. The series has a storyline in which, The Mandalorian gets hired to find and capture the Baby Yoda for the Galactic Empire, instead he protects the child from the imperials afterward.

What is Baby Yoda?

He is the same species as the Yoda. Yoda was the Jedi Grand Master who was first introduced in the film “The Empire Strikes Back”. These species don’t have any story. They are just small greenish aliens.

Where is he from?

Baby Yoda’s true home isn’t known till now. The Child was found by Mandalorian on a desert planet called as Arvala-7. There were no signs that other little yodas lived there, so that is probably not it’s home.

Do more of them exist?

Yaddle, A female creature of the species was a part of the Jedi Council in Star Wars. There was another male, Minch which appeared in the comics. There’s no signs that it says about the origin of the Baby Yoda.

What is his name?

We don’t actually know it’s name. It is said that it’s name is not Yoda. It is said that the CEO knows the name of it but it is meant to be kept a secret.

Is he even a baby?

HE is 50, but is an infant in the species which have longer lifespan. Yoda lived 900 years, in which he trained Jedi for 800 years. He still shows up as a ghost to help the other characters in Star Wars.

What are the powers of the Baby Yoda?

The Child has Super Force Sensitivity, which allows him to levitate things and probably many other things. He also revealed that he has healing powers and close a wound just by touching it and concentrating on it.

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