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Avengers 5: What’s the Plot Here?

It has definitely been proved that the last part of Avengers will not be the end of the game. There’s much more to it than meets the eye. Marvel had successfully confirmed recently that there is a fifth installment in the works for the upcoming movie. Marvel has had to face a delay in expecting the release date of the movie because of the current COVID-19 situation. All the upcoming projects of Marvel have had to be shelved because the film industry, as a whole, has experienced the impact.

Numerous reports have suggested that the upcoming ‘Avengers 5’ film will be provided a base through ‘Captain Marvel 2.’ The movie is expected to play an important role in setting up the background for the next Avenger movie. This will be among the famous crossovers that Marvel has been playing up. As the ongoing situation pursues, Disney also made a comment stating that most of its projects have been delayed. Some of the films that have been affected by the pandemic situation are ‘Black Widow’ and ‘The Eternals.’

Coming back to the crossover, it has not been confirmed as yet exactly what role will be played in the ‘Captain Marvel 2’ film. The studio is yet to confirm the release date of the film. Marvel has, however, informed that the movie will be released in July, 2022. The crossover is expected to be similar to the kind that was represented in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ We are not sure as yet whether they have decided on a villain. When speaking of the Marvel Universe, the creators are certainly taking their own sweet time in deciding on who would be right in filling in Thanos’ shoes. It seems like MODOK will be making the appearance in the upcoming film.

For those unaware, MODOK is the kind of character that has been making several appearances in numerous Marvel movies. These movies include ‘She-Hulk,’ and ‘Ant-Man 3.’ Marvel reportedly has bigger plans for the character. It seems like the movie will be taking the character on a whole new level. The character is expected to make more involvement in the influence of the storyline. As far as ‘Captain Marvel 2’ is concerned, it is possible that some “outside” characters of the Marvel universe may also be playing a small role in the movie. The antagonist is not known as yet.

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