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‘Avatar 2’ Will Be The Biggest Movie Of 2021

We are all eagerly waiting for the second installment of top-grossing science-fiction movie ‘Avatar’ ever since the announcement of the sequel was made. The cast and crew have reportedly put in so much effort into the film along with the innovative direction and storyline led by James Cameron that the movie is speculated to end up being the biggest movie of 2021.

With this of course, the release date of the movie has also been confirmed. The first movie which was released more than ten years ago in 2009, has since been surrounded by endless rumors. James Cameron initially began working on the second part of ‘Avatar’ in 2010 itself. However, it seems like the director has been working on four sequels instead of one, at the same time and that is the reason behind the prolonged delay of the release. The ‘Avatar’ franchise is expected to carry on until 2027.

Back when the first part of the movie was released, it ended up becoming the highest-grossing movie. This was until the time ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was released. The action-packed, superhero Marvel ended up taking all the spotlight. This was reportedly fueled by the movie’s re-release. Nonetheless, ‘Avatar’ is still considered to be among the best pieces to have been created. This is concluded on the basis of its spectacular visuals and storytelling representations.

The popular movie follows the life of marine Jake Sully who ends up in a space that he wasn’t supposed to but has to adjust because of his circumstances following his brother’s death. He is assumed to be of no use until he proves his ability by successfully infiltrating the world of Pandora. He falls in love with the community’s popular character, N’avi. The storyline and the graphics at the time were at its peak and they eventually met with glory, both by the hands of the critics as well as at the box office. The movie ended up taking roughly 15 years of James Cameron’s life. Considering that James Cameron spent nearly 15 years on it, it is quite justified that he takes at least 20 years for five more parts to come out.

At the moment, the pandemic has led to a lot of delays in the release of many films. Production experiences pause and so does the premiere of many blockbuster movies. If reports are believed to be true, Sony has postponed the release of many of their films from 2020 to 2021. The list includes, ‘Fast and Furious 9,’ ‘Jurassic World,’ ‘Mission Impossible 7,’ and ‘Avatar 2’ as well.

James Cameron has promised to take its viewers on an emotional journey with the ‘Avatar’ franchise. As per what he has stated, each of the sequels will represent a standalone story. The movie will not be connected between two different parts. Each of the parts can be watched even if one hasn’t seen the previous one.

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