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Avatar 2 To Include Underwater Filming

The sequel, directed by James Cameron, to include underwater filming.

There has been no change in the fact that the filming for Avatar 2 has been paused due to the current Coronavirus situation. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped the director of the film, James Cameron to continue making developments for the movie. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the sequel of Avatar 2. The production team has been working hard on the project. Thanks to some of the pictures that have been shared recently, we are aware that they also plan on including some aspects of underwater shooting for the film.

The work that James Cameron is currently on is Avatar 2 for sure. However, the list also ends up including three more sequels to the movie. The company has been able to tease the eventual usage of filming underwater environments. For quite some time now, thee photos that were released by the official account of Twitter of Avatar, it was understood that there is a lot of excitement to look forward to when it comes to Avatar.

In one of the pictures, we can see that James Cameron is providing his much-loved directorial guidance to the actors who are on the set. The set in the background is aquatic. The director is also seen sitting on a catwalk above the fishbowl style set. Before you start pondering just what the hell is going on, let’s understand that the white layer on top of the water is actually not a solid surface. It a group of inflatable balls that have been put in place to record the ground-breaking shot that can be expected in the movie.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we can admit that seeing this picture is pretty much like seeing the Avatar trailer once again. It has been forever since there have been any major developments around the sequel of Avatar. One of the main reasons why the creators behind Avatar are taking such a long period of time to promote what seems like the second film of the franchise is because they are creating three more films of the same franchise at the same time. It seems like James Cameron doesn’t want to wait for too long to work on the future sequels as well. There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Avatar.

We don’t quite know a lot about the upcoming project. However, the film industry as a whole has been currently paused due to the pandemic situation that surrounds the world. It seems impossible that there can be any form of filming that can possibly take place during such a time. However, soon enough, we will be able to understand if there has been any amount of new development around the filming of our favourite fantasy mega-film franchise by none other than James Cameron.

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