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Avatar 2 Release Date Finally Out?

James Cameron absolutely wooed us all back when his brainchild and masterpiece ‘Avatar’ broke all possible records at the box office. Not only was it considered to be one of the best films in the history of science-fiction movies but it received commendable awards for its graphics, direction and acting alike. It was quite obvious that ‘Avatar’ fans were absolutely thrilled about the announcements that suggested that sequels are coming up soon. There have been many speculations and changes around the release date of ‘Avatar 2,’ as per recent reports.

To date, what has been confirmed is the fact that James Cameron has planned four sequels to his original, hit film. The series is reportedly expected to run until 2027. In an interview to Deadline, Cameron – in reference to the series said that one thing that scares him the most about creating such films is the shifting market. He said that he feels that the market has shifted so much that it is no longer possible for them to get the audience actually excited about going “to a dark room with a bunch of strangers to watch something.”

Avatar 2 Release Date

Initially, ‘Avatar 2’ was scheduled to release in December, 2020. However, the latest update provided by the Deadline suggests that the movie is expected to hit the theatres in December, 2021. In fact, the exact date would be December 17, 2021. Production has reportedly come to a standstill because of the current on-going pandemic that affects the whole world.

Avatar 2 Cast

Further online reports provide more details about the upcoming movie. Cameron along with Jon Landau and Josh Friedman are producing the film with Friedman retained as the co-writer of the plot. The cast members also remain the same with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in the forefront. Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, Dileep Rao, Matt Gerald and Giovanni Ribisi are other actors who will be supporting the team. A new list of actors joining the crew has also been confirmed. The biggest addition perhaps, is Kate Winslet. Apart from that, there’s also Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell, David Thewlis and Michelle Yeoh to name a few.

The production team of ‘Avatar 2’ have selected limited locations to base most of their shootings. Majority of the shooting has taken place in California’s Manhattan Beach. Meanwhile, the principal photography has been based in New Zealand. Since this science fiction series is a long-lived one, Cameron recently also confirmed what might be considered potential titles of the upcoming movies. The four sequels will be called, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ ‘Avatar: The Seed Bearer,’ ‘Avatar: The Tulkun Rider,’ and ‘Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.’

Avatar 2 Plot

As far as the storyline of the movie is concerned, Cameron has suggested that each of the sequels will feature a standalone story. In other words, one necessarily doesn’t need to watch the first part of Avatar to understand the second one. Each of the films is designed to take the viewers on a visual and emotional journey.  At the same time, the movie will revolve around familial and imprisonment themes.

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