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Avatar 2 is scheduled to arrive in 2022! Is the trailer available yet?

James Cameron is helming the upcoming sequel to the 2009 Avatar movie. The movie is produced by 20th Century Studios. Initially Avatar 2 was scheduled to arrive in 2021. But, the delay in production has shifted the release date to 2022.

After the success of the Avatar movie, a number of sequels are now planned for this franchise. After a long hiatus, and controversies on the development of this film, the shooting of this movie resumed in June 2020. Filming of this movie is taking place in New Zealand.

When can we expect from the upcoming Avatar movie?

Jake Sully is now a family man. Sully and Neytiri’s daughter is one of the central characters of the upcoming movie.

As the events will land in the world of Pandora again, it will see a time leap of 12 years from the initial events. The focus of Avatar 2 will be on the next generation of Na’vi. As the movie is in the early stages of development, the trailer is not available as of now.

The cast members reprising their roles are:

• Jake Sully by Sam Worthington

• Neytiri by Zoe Saldana

•Stephen Lang will be seen as Colonel Miles,

•Giovanni Ribisi will be played by Parker Selfridge,

•Joel David Moore as Dr. Norm,

• Dr. Max Patel by Dileep Rao

•CCH Pounder will be seen as Mo’at, and

• Corporal Lyle by Matt Gerald.

A number of new characters have been signed for the upcoming movie. This includes Kate Winslet as Ronal. Sigourney Weaver is back, but he will be playing a different role this time.

Beside them,Cliff Curtis, Michelle Yeoh , Brendan Cowell, Oona Chaplin, Edie Falco, David Thewlis, and CJ Jones have been cast in the movie in undisclosed roles.

When is Avatar 2 scheduled to premiere?

According to the developers of this movie, five sequels have been planned. If there is no delay in the production process, beginning from the release of Avatar 2 in 2022, it will follow every year till Avatar 5. As of now, the plan to wind up this franchise is by December 22, 2028.

James Cameron 2009 Avatar had also inspired gameplay which was released simultaneously in December 2009. Fans will be excited to know that following the release of Avatar 2 in 2022, a sequel to the gameplay of James Cameron’s Avatar will also be available on the next-gen consoles. The game is presently under development.

Avatar 2 was originally hinted to release in 2014, with the third sequel scheduled for 2015. But, it had been delayed perpetually until the work started in June. Disney has now made an official announcement for the December 22, 2022 release of the movie.



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