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Avani Emilia Gregg Net Worth, Biography and Latest Updates of 2020

Avani Emilia Gregg

Avani Emilia Gregg is an American social media personality, make-up artist, and actor. She initially gained popularity on the widely popular social media app, TikTok. As of August 2020, Emilia has over 27.6M followers on TikTok and 14.1M on Instagram.

Avani Gregg was born on the 23rd of November 2002, in Indiana. She is currently pursuing her education in Indiana.

Avani Gregg’s Career and Personal Life

According to the reports, Gregg’s dating Anthony Reeves. The couple is observed in several TikTok videos. She began her career at the age of 14 & bused to make videos associated with makeup on TikTok. She lived with her family in the Midwest before she started gaining fame on TikTok.

The star will be seen in the forthcoming season of Chicken Girls that broadcasts on Brat TV. She will be viewed in the role of Gemma in the forthcoming season. Aside from this, she owns a clothing app called Depop. Lets’ see her following in a few platforms as of 14th May 2020.

Avani Gregg Instagram Page

Gregg has about 8.8M followers on Instagram. She posted some cute photos with her bf Anthony Reeves on social media.

Her Instagram consist of several pictures where she is seen pulling off complex makeup looks. Gregg also loves coloring her hair pretty often.

Avani’s YouTube channel

Gregg has a YouTube channel where she has about 722K subscribers. She also received 3M views on her YouTube channel.

Her highest seen video on YouTube is a Q&A video that she issued lately. The video has over 1 million views. The artist uploads questions, and answers, vlogs, prank videos on YouTube.

Her TikTok Platform

Gregg has about 19.1M followers and 1.2 billion likes on TikTok. She has her merchandise. She also posts dancing and cute videos on TikTok.

She’s a member of the social group called The Hype House, which also includes Daisy Keech, Charli D’Amelio, and Chase Hudson. Avani Emilia Gregg was honored as a Style guru on TikTok. The actress has even collaborated with her sis Shanti.

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Net worth

According to the reports, Gregg’s net worth is around $20M. She also makes money from brand endorsing, Instagram, and her brands.

She has endorsed brands like NYX Cosmetics. Also has tie-ups with numerous other brands. She additionally has her merchandise that includes hoodies, phone cases, and T-shirts.

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