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Australian drama “Neighbours” restarted shooting with actors amid lockdown: Report

Weaks have passed but there is still no vaccine available to cure the lethal coronavirus. The virus is a continuously rising number of cases and fatalities throughout the world. We have been quarantining for long at our houses, and all the business, activities, events, movements including the entertainment industry have come on standstill mode. This has led to weak economies of the countries and now several countries have decided to reopen economies and resume life along with some rules and conditions.

Now, there are few comebacks, and one of the first is to arrive from Australia where the long-running and most popular show “Neighbours” has resumed its work.

There is a news report in the New York Times which suggests that it is all set to restart the shooting of the well-known Australian drama Neighbours.  The cast and crew members of this popular show reportedly started their filming work, but with a few new riders and rules amid extraordinary coronavirus outbreak. In order to maintain social distancing on the show set, some stringent rules have been set by the show makers, and it is mandatory for all the cast and the crew members to strictly follow the rules during shooting.

As per the report of the New York Times, each and every member of the show is restricted to keep at least a distance of 5 feet from each other during shooting. Besides that, the cast of this Australian drama Neighbours are also not allowed to hold hands, kiss, hug, or enact a brawl. The fans and audiences of the show are very excited and wondering how the show will maintain its meaning with its new social distancing rules.

This top-rated show is all about the lives and relationships of people who reside on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough. As per the reports, this most popular Australian drama show Neighbours has been broadcasting for the last 35 years, and over 8,000 episodes have been premiered of this show, which makes it the longest-running show.

Like many other movies or show, the shooting of this incredible show “Neighbours” was also stopped due to the Coronavirus lockdown, but now, the show makers are restarting the shooting work of this show with new social distancing rules.

With the current ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the world is gradually and progressively simplifying lockdown laws across many industries. The show’s viewers are delighted that their favorite show is back on track.

Reportedly, in charge of this Australian show, Jason Herbison also stated that “What we do have is a lot of space. We are able to very quickly monitor everyone’s interaction and footprint. We’ve been adapting.”

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