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August [Spoiler] 2020 Release Is Confirmed! Everything You Should Know

13 Reasons Why which is merely a teen drama series has been confirmed that it would be returning for its Fourth season. 13 Reasons Why is it based on the bullying and suicidal attempts of the High School Students after what they are facing in their school and personal life every day.

And yaa the most anticipating series of Netflix 13 Reasons Why is all set for its fourth season. Here’s everything you should know…

As we all know, the streaming giant, Netflix, serves its audience with a vast number of series covering all genres drama crime romance and many more but 13 Reasons Why would always be the anticipating show of the platform as the series focuses on the real-life problems faced by college students. And all the previous three seasons of the show was all about bullying suicides and all this stuff. And here’s a piece of good news coming for all die-heart fans of the series that season third wasn’t the last one and it would be renewed for the last time for season four. And already the showrunners, crew and the casts have geared up for the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why.

According to the information from our sources filming for the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why has already filmed during the premiere of Season 3.

Even Ross Butler who plays the role of Zach in the series posted a thank you video on his Instagram Handel on 20th December 2020 revealing that the final filming for the series fourth season has ended on 19th December and he thanked the showrunner for making him part of this anticipated series 13 Reasons Why. You can catch the video just below:-

Even it has come to our acknowledgment that Netflix wanted to end the series in the third season only. Still, the showrunners wanted to portray the high school graduation of the casts of the series, and it would be more realistic with the conclusion. And its pretty sure that the plot for the season four would revolve around the Graduation of the teens.

Tough, regarding the official release date and trailer, nothing had been revealed yet, but on 1st August 2019 Duffer Brothers, the showrunner claimed that the series would be back for its fourth and probably the last season. All the significant characters are supposed to be seen again in the fourth season of the series, yet there’s still no official announcement about the casting of the round for its fourth season.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 is expected to be premiered by August 2020.

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