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Attack on Titans season 4 renewed and confirmed, release delayed

Attack on Titans Season 4

After the remarkable success of the previous season, the “Attack on Titans” has been renewed and confirmed with Attack on Titans Season 4. Lovers of the show excited and curious to know that “what can happen next?”.

Along with this news, there is a piece of disheartening news also. A few days ago, show maker had announced that they are bringing season fourth and final season. This means is the fourth season will be the final season for the entire series. No more season can be created after this.

Here is a trailer post that has been pinned by  #Attackontitanswiki on their official twitter handle;

Attack on Titans Season 4 Release Date

The show makers have not announced the official release date. The delay in release because of the COVID-19 outbreak. All the industries around the globe have been adversely affected. So we can not expect the release this time. There are only predictions that the release will be done at the fall of 2020 or in the starting 2021.

Where to watch “Attack on Titans Season 4”?

The show is not available on amazon prime video. Hence, all the episodes up to the end of season three can be watched on Hulu stream service. 

There is no news related to “Attack on Titans Season 4” regarding the platform on which this season to be released.

Cast of the season

The primary cast of Attack on titans is expected as

Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackerman

Daisuke ono as Erwin Smith

Yuki Kaji as Eren Yeager

Yuu Kobayashi as Sasha Blouse

Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi Marina Perino,

Armin Arlert Manami Numakura as Cart Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4: Plotline

Attack on Titan is a Japanese black dream anime television series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hezaim Isayama. It’s prepared in a global where humankind lives inside cities surrounded by large partitions due to the Titans.

The show is directed by Tetsuro Arki and produced by Tetsuya Kinoshita. The entire story revolves around the protagonist Irene Jagger, who promises to kill all man-eating Titan alive.
And that’s the reason huge walls shield them. And yet one pathetic day, the Titans broke all of the barriers and devoured many. Aren’s mother was among them. After that, Eren pledged to avenge her mother’s departure and hold all Titan accountable for the sufferer.

Next season, we’ll see Mikasa Ackerman, Aren Jaeger, and Armin Arlert becoming closer to the truth.

The history of the entire world of Titans stayed unchanged the subsequent season. In season, we speculate that all nine characters will soon reunite and halt the Titans’ terror.

What is the “Attack on Titans”?

“Attack on Titans” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It revolves in a world, where humanity lives within cities surrounded by an enormous wall that protects them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

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