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Asteroid Terror! NASA Issues ‘Global Disaster And Firestorm’ Warning If Space Rock Strikes Earth

An asteroid that’s flying towards earth can kill millions of people by destroying a whole continent. Even blotting out skies and activating a firestorm of destruction NASA has reported it.

Astronomers of NASA has reported that on an average of every several 100-1000 years, asteroids like which huger than kilometres causes global disasters. And one such Space Rock is heading towards Earth now and is expected to zoom past Earth.

In such cases, debris could spread throughout the whole Earth atmosphere, and the plant suffers from the acid rain, even partially blocking the sunlight to entre from the Earth’s atmosphere and resulting in firestorms.

According to the reports of NASA every single day, hundreds of tons of space dust and tiny rocks pelt the Earth’s atmosphere. Even it has been estimated that anything upto 25 meters or 82 ft can burn till reaching the ground in Earth’s atmosphere.

However few incidents like the Chelyabinsk meteor have proved that even small asteroids can cause a lot of damage to our Earth.

Even NASA has claimed that about once every year an automobile-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creating an impressive fireball in the atmosphere, and burns up before reaching the earth’s surface. And even “every 2,000 years or so, a meteorite which is approximately the size of a football field hits Earth causing significant damage to the area where it strikes.

As of December 24, 2019, there are 889,214 known asteroids and 3,600 known comets only in our solar system.

Theirs’s the vast majority of these space rocks race around the Sun within the asteroid belt. Occasionally, the space rocks come close enough to Earth which would be more beneficial for NASA to study on it deeply.

Thankfully there is no known asteroid or comet currently headed directly towards the Earth yet.

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