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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth as of 2020, and how he rose in the fame ?

Ashton Kutcher, the enigmatic American person who is not only limited to acting but also Modelling, screenwriting, Entrepreneurship, Comedian, Television Producing, Presenting, Voice Acting, and film producing is always the talk of the show. We are here today to acquaint you with some important highlights of his light that includes his childhood days and his career and his net worth. To know more details as such, do follow the article below:

Early Life:

You might be surprised to know that your favorite actor, before pursuing his career in modeling was going to be a successful biochemical engineer from the University of Lowa. He dropped the university to be a model and in no time he was being offered the photoshoots for Calvin Klein. He later moved to Los Angeles to try a hand in acting. Ashton is also reported to have a twin brother who is suffering at the hands of cerebral Palsy since birth.


After having moved to Los Angeles, given the auditions for acting, he soon bagged a role in That 70’s show. He was given the role of Kelso. It took him less than a few months to be a popular comedy star. While the series for still on he got a role offer in “Dude! where’s my car?” After having starred in “the butterfly effect- a science-fiction time travel drama in 2004, he started looking for more serious roles. His ” Two and a Half Men” has been more than successful. He later went on to produce and host a series with MTV Punk’s which is undoubtedly one of his greatest contributions. He also produced many other shows such as, “Beauty and the Geek”, “Adventures in Hollywood”, “The Real Wedding Crashers” and so on.

Personal Life:

He had a bit complicated love life. In 2005, he married Demi Moore, the couple kept on for good 6 years but divorced in 2011. In 2012, he started dating one of his former show stars from “that 70s show” named, Mila Kunis. Currently, he is enjoying his life all by himself.

Net Worth:

Ashton Kutcher’s net worth as of 2020 is, $200 million. He has also been into entrepreneurship and has a great insight into it. He is said to be a mover and shaker in the real estate business. He is also known for quoting great lines for business as he says that for being a successful entrepreneur one needs to look in for the inspiration and not out.

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