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Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez seen beating the heat in the pool together

The famous singer Ariana Grande has recently confirmed her relationship with Dalton Gomez by sharing an amazing picture on her Instagram account. It was confirmed by an American singer Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez that when they had been in a relationship for some time before as the duo starred together in Ariana’s Stuck with U music video. However, it is the first time when the duo has shared the post about their relationship; before this, it was not posted anything about them by the duo on social media. But, finally, the duo announced their relationship officially on Instagram account by sharing lovely snaps of them in which they are looking stunning together.

Recently, many pictures were posted on Instagram by the “God is a woman” singer Ariana Grande. And a simple caption was also added with the photos, which reads “almost 27”.
A cute photo was shared by “Rain on me” singer Ariana Grande with her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez. Both of them were cuddled up near the pool of her luxurious villa. Apart from that, our beautiful singer also posted several lovely snaps along with her cute pet dog. Besides this, an adorable picture of her best friend, Doug Middlebrook, was also shared. In addition to this, a photo of herself as a baby was also shared by the singer. This post was shared some hours before her birthday, which is on June 27, 2020.

Reportedly, at the beginning of this year, in February, it was rumored about their relationship, when the real estate agent Dalton Gomez first appeared in one of the Instagram pictures of Ariana Grande. But now they owned up and it’s official that they are in a relationship.

Finally, it was formalized about their relationship by the lovely couple by featuring together in Stuck with U, a music video, co-created by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

An emotional moment with her boyfriend Dalton Gomez was shared by Ariana Grande at the “end of Stuck with U” to confirm that the duo was dating. Apart from that, Dalton Gomez was also featured in the promo for Rain On Me, which is a collaboration song between the most famous singer Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Apart from that, on the occasion of fathers day, Ariana Grande also shared a picture with her adorable dad and even added a heartfelt message for him.

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