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Are the leaks of GTA 6 true? Will the gamers get new sequel of GTA?


With the mystery close subsequent theft motor vehicle, several would watch out with the supposed GTA 6 “leaks” that area unit spreading on-line. GTA 6 has long been reported to be in development; however, no confirmation has ever been given.

There is little question of theft motor vehicle V’s success. the sport had been discharged seven years past, and simply 2 years at that time, it became the second highest-selling game of all time. With over a hundred and twenty million copies sold-out, it comes as a surprise that Rockstar Games has not discharged a follow-up, however.

However, the net has been rife with supposed “leaks” relating to GTA vi.

Almost done

While there are unit rumours that bear some credence like those of vice journalist mythical being Schreier whose name includes several correct leaks within the past, it ought to be remembered he was the one to reveal that a GTA 6 is in development on Kotaku.

However, rumors should be dotty a grain of salt. A rumour mill got individuals over-excited only in the near past, claiming the sport was truly already virtually finished.

On Twitter, well-known Rockstar insiders Tezfunz2 and Yan2295 created ridiculous claims that the sport is truly on the far side halfway done. The latter even claimed that the sport was truly in its early stages of testing and not development.

The next title, a brand new GTA title, is in “early stages of development”?It’s arduous to believe that once I hear it’s “halfway done” or perhaps on the far side that. Schreier instantly chimed in to refute these claims on Twitter. However, another corporate executive claimed that the approaching map for GTA 6 would be Brobdingnagian, which developers had already finished the story.

Not true as always

It was later unconcealed that the claims came from a live-stream from Rockstar magazine, a French vice publication. Whereas that rumour would’ve excited several GTA fans ranges, the publication revealed an announcement denying those claims.

Rockstar magazine explains they were misreported. The live-stream had meant to be all concerning Rockstar game titles, specializing in GTA 6 and mythical being Schreier’s last report. Consistent with them, some English viewers had tried to translate the conversations within the French live-stream.

These ‘GTA 6’ leaks might not be true as Rockstar remains silent.

The problem is, they tried to suit 2 hours of streams into thirty seconds, specifically light the 2 rumours: the story is already finished, and therefore the game’s map is Brobdingnagian.

“The problem? At this point of the show, we tend to were talking concerning CyberPunk 2077, responding to 1 of our followers World Health Organization were asking if GTA vi may well be as Brobdingnagian as Cyberpunk and will be of an outsized density (without talking concerning the map, however concerning the sport in global). In our answer, we tend to ne’er use the word ‘map.’ and that we didn’t even point out GTA 6,” a representative of the publication explains via specific.

Furthermore, they make a case that the story reported being finished truly an interpretation of their speech communication relating to Red Dead Redemption 2’s script.

Rockstar Mag’s denial finally puts to rest these 2 rumours.

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The chance of a GTA 6 unharness

Rockstar Games may unharness theft motor vehicle vi later this year. Simply two years once the sport was discharged in 2013, the sport jumped on the PS4 and, therefore, the Xbox One train.

Now, fans hope that once the Playstation five and Xbox Series X arrives later this year, GTA 6 can arrive with them. However, till that happens, fans would bear being unbroken within the dark for a minute.

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